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Just as there are many different types of periodontal/gum disease, there are many different treatment options. Dr. Seale looks upon you as an individual and develops a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs. His goal for you is to regain good periodontal health.

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The procedure

Scaling and root planning is a non-surgical deep cleaning designed to help correct or improve areas of deep pockets in your gums, reduce gingival inflammation that leads to bone loss, and to help stop your gum disease from getting worse. The main cause of gum disease is plaque, a sticky and colorless film that constantly forms on your teeth. If plaque is not removed thoroughly, toxins or poisons produced by bacteria in the plaque irritate the gums and destroy supporting tissues around the teeth, both gums and bone. This forms pockets. Eventually the plaque hardens into a rough deposit called calculus or tartar. Overtime, as more plaque and calculus build up, the gums continue to pull away from the teeth. Gum and bone attachment to the teeth are lost and pockets get deeper. Affected teeth can become loose and eventually may be lost.

Treatment options

  • Scaling and root planning is generally performed using local dental anesthetic to numb your teeth, gums, and all supporting attachments. If you feel anxious about this procedure, tell Dr. Seale and he can discuss with you appropriate sedation options that will reduce your anxiety levels and make the treatment more comfortable for you. Once you are numb and comfortable, your teeth are thoroughly cleaned above and below the gumline to the bottom of the deep pockets. The teeth roots are cleaned and smoothed to remove calculus deposits and the bacterial plaque. The deep pockets are irrigated to help flush out any irritating material. Your gums want to reattach to clean, smooth roots. Following the procedure, you will receive instructions on how to care for your gums and how to effectively and efficiently clean your teeth on a daily basis. As with any periodontal treatment, you will have to do your part to help ensure the best possible results.

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Our step by step process to get you back the smile you deserve.

  • 01. Clear communication

    Dr. Seale and his staff will be happy to help guide you through treatment processes to ensure that you understand your options and benefits.

  • 02. Diagnosis

    During your initial exam, Dr. Seale will evaluate your specific needs by performing a thorough examination.  He will then advise you of your best treatment options.

  • 03. Treatment

    Each patient is different and Dr. Seale will recommend treatment to set the patient up for the best possible chance at success.

  • 04. Maintenance

    Periodontal maintenance is a professional cleaning procedure where a hygienist thoroughly cleans the teeth. Maintenance care is critical to maintain a healthy beautiful smile.

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